Problem [Solved] - Invitations Being Sent for Appointments Created in Dynamics 365 in Error


When using server-side synchronisation to track appointments and tasks and an appointment is created, updated or deleted in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement an invitation or appointment update / cancellation is sent to the attendees.

Although this works as designed it is not always desirable. An example of when you may not want this to happen is when you want to record a meeting with a customer in D365 which has already happened in the past that wasn't formally scheduled in your Outlook calendar - You still want to track that the meeting took place against the parties in attendance but you don't want to send out an appointment invitation to them.

You still want to use server-side synchronisation to track tasks and future appointments so turning this option off is not the solution


Deactivate or amend your synchronisation filters on appointments or amend them so that only appointments with a start date in the future are synchronised.

To do this, complete the following -

1. Click the settings icon at the top right of the application

2. Click 'Options'

3. Click the 'Synchronization ' tab

4. Click Filters

5. Select the My Appointments item

6. Click Deactivate or if you prefer double click the item to edit the filters

7. Click OK on the screens to save your settings and close them

If you deactivated the rule, any appointment you create in D365 will not be synced to your Outlook and hence no invitations will be sent. You can still track Outlook appointments but this will need to be done manually using the App for Outlook.

If you amended the rule, only appointments created in D365 that match the criteria will be tracked in Outlook and invitations will be sent for only these appointments.

I hope this helps anyone who is experiencing similar issues.