[Quick Tip] - Quickly Formatting Dynamics 365 Document Templates

Yesterday I was creating a document template for a client in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. They had provided a letter they use in the form of a Word document (.doc). It had images in the header and footer and the spacing in the body was not standard.


In the past when I've created document templates for clients I've always had trouble getting the formatting such as header / footer space, line breaks and margins correct. I am far from knowledgeable regarding Word and it takes me a lot of time tweaking the formatting to get it just right. I know that if you paste you can select the option to ‘Use Source Formatting‘ and this solves a lot of issue but sometimes not all of them.


It was when adding entity attributes that I noticed on the Developer tab a tool named Document Template. I hadn't noticed this before and thought it might be of interest so I clicked it and found that you could change the template of the document you are working on from the default ('normal.dot if I remember ).

I tried saving the clients original letter as a template and used this tool to point the document template to my newly created Word template and found that the new document now used the exact same formatting as the document provided by the client. 

This is a massive time saver for me so I created a short video explaining how to do this.


I hope this helps anyone else who also finds tweaking the format of Word documents tiresome.