Creating a Canvas App from a Template, Connect to CDS - Freefalling Through... Canvas Apps Episode 1

In the past few weeks, I've been learning about Canvas Apps. I completed the 'App in a Day' labs some time ago, but this is the first time I've got stuck in. I identified a need for a small app to help our sales team manage their opportunities. So I started building the 'Easy Opportunities Manager.'

As this is my first dive into the world of canvas apps, I've started by keeping it very simple. I created the app from a template and connected it to my opportunities dataset using the Common Data Service connector.

This video and those that follow are an overview of the steps I took to get started and are mostly a beginners' guide, from the beginning by a beginner.

I'll aim to record and share a short video every Tuesday showing the steps I take in building the app and highlight what I learned that week.